Genesis Roleplay is a Semi-Serious Roleplay Server
hosted by GRIX

A customised gamemode made by grix, for you.

Optimised For Smooth Gameplay

We have adapted the gamemode with custom code to make it run smooth on all systems.

Unique Jobs
For Unique Roleplay

We have a multitude of custom jobs, allowing you to have a unique style of Roleplay

Intergrated Jobs and Inventory menu

Store your items, for ever. Deploy your items when ever.

no more hackers.

Built with a robust anticheat. So you never have to be at a disadvantage.

Why Donate?

Our developers spend a lot of time developing our servers.
so show some love and gain;.

  • Clothing

    One of the benerfits of donating is; being able to wear a wide range of suits.

  • Money Perks

    Gaing 20% more income on ALL jobs AND recieve $50,000 ingame currency.

  • Vehicles

    Unlock a wide range of vehicles, such as the bus, specialised government vehicles, sports cars and a limo.

  • Weapons

    Unlock a wide range of weapons, including a 44. Magnum Revolver and a specialised 50. Cal Anti Material Rifle.

  • Increased Inventory Space

    Recieve a 20% increase on inventory space.

  • Increased Prop Limit

    Have an increase from 30 props to 50 props - let your immagination go wild.

  • Increased Enitity Spawn

    Spawn 4 Money printers as apposed to 2 and 4 Weed pots as apposed to 2

  • Gold Star

    Have a star next to your name, showing that you're a supporter!

Join now and Donate

Feel free to donate, and unlock tons of in game perks, such as money packs and jobs.